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Hobby Quest

Franchise Profile

  • Total Investment: $48,000 - $48,000
  • Cash Investment: $10,000
  • Business Type: Franchise
  • In Business Since : 2003
  • Training & Support: Yes

Hobby Quest

Business Features
  • Extremely low overhead costs
  • Quick set up – have your business up and running within 3 months of your contract date
  • Recession resistant (parents prioritize education highly)
  • Sole vendor in the US for exclusive aviation program based on STEM/STEAM learning - no competition!
  • Over 90% close rate for new customers
  • Home based business that can grow into a standalone center or office location
  • Many prime territories still available
  • Ability for multi-unit ownership
  • Market has experienced over 300% of growth in the last 5 years
  • Flexible operation times – build your business around your lifestyle
  • Highly scale-able in terms of start-up and adding additional franchise units.
HOBBY QUEST is a curriculum based program that provides educational enrichment activities for ages 5-15, as after school programs, summer camps, birthday parties and more! Revenue opportunity examples:
  1. Ability to provide after school classes as well as elective and specialty classes during the school day
  2. Unique aviation program for STEM learning. STEM classes are currently a huge hot button with parents and educators.
  3. Summer camp opportunities – camp directors seek out companies that provide specialty programs that their counselors are not trained in. Offering more specialty classes helps their camps stand out.
  4. We receive referrals from all aspects of our business:
    • a. School Directors – recommend us to other directors in and around their districts
    • b. Parents – look to sign up their children for additional classes out of school, summer camps, advanced classes and private lessons
    • c. PTA Presidents – tend to share great ideas they’ve found, like our classes, with other nearby parents
  5. Receiving repeat business from current customers. Once a customer offers a program, they will continue to do so every semester. There are new kids in every grade each year, and our curriculum is constantly changing
  6. Many opportunities for year round business including weekend programs, scouting events, workshops, juniors’ classes, etc.
  7. Building relationships with customers who manage programming for multiple locations
  8. We offer one of the most unique birthday parties out there, and most of our birthday party requests come from our current students.
  9. Teaching classes and activities puts you face to face daily with your biggest consumer – kids!
  10. Customers will bring us in to teach educational enrichment classes and workshops because we meet the strict standards for government funded programs
The Customer Experience
At Hobby Quest, we pride ourselves on providing a level of customer service that is unparalleled in our field. Since our customers can become customers for life, and we strive to meet them in person upon initial contact, there is a stronger relationship present. Our customers having confidence in our responsibility, focus on student safety and unique products and curriculum is one of our top priorities.

A great part of this business is that we have 3 different customers – schools, parents and children. For our school customers, we ensure that our instructors show up on time, are prepared for their classes and ready to teach.

The parents are thrilled when their children come home with not only their day’s project, but also the knowledge of what they learned that day and how it relates to what they built.

Our students leave class each day having had a new, FUN experience where they were given the opportunity to discover a new skill they didn’t even know they had. Our service is unrivaled.

We’re not Cookie Cutter: We have 15 years of experience in the children’s enrichment field, and our curriculums and systems are proven to provide success.

One of the best parts about becoming a Hobby Quest franchisee is the flexibility and personalization each owner will receive at the beginning of their journey. We will assess the territory and potential for each area and provide our franchisees with a concrete plan of action for success.

Most franchisees will be up and running in less than 3 months. We will provide training and support every step of the way to help ensure success.

We provide our franchisees with the following tools to help launch a successful journey.
  1. Full Data Bases
    We will provide each new franchisee with a data base of local schools and community centers in their area including phone number and address to get the ball rolling
  2. Templates
    Our sales and operations teams have created templates for every foreseeable situation, including sales, human resources and accounting. Franchisees will be outfitted with all of the tools necessary to begin and maintain communication with customers and employees.
  3. Dedicated mini-site
    Each franchisee will have a dedicated mini-site off of our main website. This site will include all personalized information, such as contact information, class times and locations and registration capabilities. Prospective customers will be able to locate and contact franchisees directly.

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