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Cattlehouse Couch Trading Company

Franchise Profile

  • Total Investment: $132,150 - $289,250
  • Cash Investment: $100,000
  • Business Type: Franchise
  • In Business Since : 2023
  • Training & Support: Yes

Cattlehouse Couch Trading Company

Welcome to the Cattlehouse Couch Trading Company, where the spirit of the Wild West meets secondhand treasures! We're a good ol' family-owned business, specializing in fine secondhand couches, chairs, and home decor.

At Cattlehouse, we reckon our mission is simple: to rustle up the finest, handpicked pieces that are both fancy and easy on the pocket. We don't settle for nothin' less than exceptional quality, and we aim to offer unbeatable prices on every last item we've got.

Now, let me tell ya, we're pickier than a cowpoke on branding day when it comes to the brands we choose. Only the top-notch ones make the cut! And as for reconditioning our furniture, we've got ourselves a special knack for it. We use the finest techniques to bring back the shine and make 'em look as good as new.

Our commitment to excellence runs deeper than a canyon, my friend. We want our customers to trust us for the long haul, so we make sure every piece we sell is made to last. You'll be kickin' back on one of our couches for years to come, guaranteed!

So, mosey on over to Cattlehouse Couch Trading Company and tighten your saddle and let the cowboy in you shine!

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