Franchise Innovations For You, LLC.Franchise Innovations For You, LLC.

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Franchise Profile

  • Total Investment: $596,335 - $1,030,034
  • Cash Investment: $100,000
  • Business Type: Franchise
  • In Business Since : 2009
  • Training & Support: Yes


The Drybar® brand has been a major “disrupter” in the hair-care industry. What did we disrupt? Well, a lot. We challenged the notion that a blowout should cost $80 or more and that you have to go to a full-service salon (that smells like chemicals) to get one. Oh, and there was another choice for “cheap” blowouts — the national discount chains. Oh the horror! The environment was terrible, and you never knew what type of blowout you’d end up with: the “bird’s nest,” “the frizz-fro,” or the “wait... did you just cut my hair?”

Ultimately, the Drybar brand is focused on remarkable, over-the-top customer service. Stylists and other shop employees are the front-lines of the Drybar brand. If they’re happy and excited, they convey that to the clients. And when clients get a great blowout in a beautiful Drybar shop, it gives them the confidence and happiness that only a fresh dose of Drybar beauty can provide.

National (and International) brand recognition that will be extremely difficult to replicate; Extensive infrastructure, including site selection and construction assistance, training, marketing and operations support; c. The products that keep clients so loyal. We believe that clients will receive a lesser experience at any competitor, because (among other reasons) Drybar products were created and tailored to complement the ultimate blowout experience. No one else has that. Simple booking process via Web, mobile or app.

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