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OMEX - Office Maintenance Experts

Franchise Profile

  • Total Investment: $40,400 - $70,600
  • Cash Investment: $40,000
  • Business Type: Franchise
  • In Business Since : 1994
  • Financing: Yes
  • Training & Support: Yes

OMEX - Office Maintenance Experts

An OMEX Cleaning Franchise is the Perfect Office Cleaning Business

Imagine working on an office cleaning business for 30 years, footing all the research, working out all of the kinks through trial and error until you finally discovered precisely the right formula for success. Would you then take that winning formula and hand it over to someone else to utilize in order to garner his or her own business franchise success? Preposterous, you say? But it’s exactly that potential for success that OMEX® is now offering you through our cleaning franchise, and it’s probably why you’re reading this and considering the possibility of becoming one of our cleaning franchise owners. Jerry Boarman, President of OMEX International, Inc., has spent the balance of his adult life perfecting the components of running this office cleaning business and helping others reach their goals through the purchase and support of an OMEX® cleaning franchise. He wants you to be able to hit the ground running – so you’ll spend less money on the business franchise start-up, suffer fewer headaches, and use a proven formula for success in less time than you thought possible.

The OMEX Cleaning Franchise Legacy

Cleaning FranchiseJerry Boarman began OMEX® in 1979 with the same desire to control his own destiny as you might be feeling today. Boarman’s original operation employs hundreds of people who manage maintenance and cleaning services for millions of square feet of office space. OMEX® has successfully supported the start-up of cleaning franchise offices throughout North America by employing the OMEX® Business Management System —a continually evolving and complete business franchise model that is at the heart of every successful OMEX® cleaning franchise operation.

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