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The Bar Method

Franchise Profile

  • Total Investment: $386,523 - $537,264
  • Cash Investment: $100,000
  • Business Type: Franchise
  • In Business Since : 2001
  • Training & Support: Yes

The Bar Method

The Bar Method is an elevated boutique fitness experience that delivers low-impact and high-result workouts; No other barre is more scientifically precise and expertly guided to deliver results. We exist to equip and empower people of any age, body type, and ability to pursue the strongest, healthiest version of themselves.

There has been a culture shift, on a global scale, towards health and wellness. Over the last couple of years, fitness has come back not only as essential for combatting illness faced during the pandemic, but also as a key means to building holistic wellness. According to research from IHRSA, The Global Health & Fitness Association, and MindBody, 1. boutique fitness studios are projected to grow 450% by 2028, 2. barre was listed in the top 5 workouts, and 3. More than 1/3 of Americans said they prefer low impact workouts given the ability to generate strength without risk of injury.
Our founder, Burr Leonard, was a barre devotee. In 1981, she was introduced to the Lotte Berk Method while living in New York and took notice of the incredible physical and mental transformation of the workout. However, after years of teaching barre, she began discovering that clients were getting hurt. She partnered with a physical therapist to build a new exercise method that would not only be safer, but also more effective for clients. And, in 2001, Burr’s flagship studio opened its doors in San Francisco, CA. Burr’s loyal clients loved the workout and sense of community so much that they started opening their own Bar Method studios across the country.

The Bar Method class format has remained timeless after 20+ years – and our member retention rate and reoccurring membership revenue (72% of Gross Revenue) proves it. While still serving an homage to the foundation in barre, we’ve innovated to add additional class formats (the “fantastic five”) to give our clients what their body craves, engages them longer with the brand, and makes them more powerful.

  • Bar Method Cardio for those wanting to get their heart rate up

  • Bar Strength for those who crave heavier weights

  • Bar Flow for those who want to stretch their body while in constant movement

  • Bar Restore for those who want a deeper stretch

  • The Bar Method was founded in science and that continues today with physical therapists who help guide our innovation. Our best-in-class teacher training program masters the science of the workout and the art of teaching, which is demonstrated in brilliant choreography, personal observation and guidance, and helping clients be their absolute best in and out of the studio.

    As part of the Self Esteem Brands family of brands since late 2019, franchisees can expect comprehensive initial and ongoing training for both them and their instructors in class formats, retails sales, real estate and construction, staff management, marketing, business planning, and every other aspect of the studio business.

    The Bar Method has tremendous white space opportunity - 80 studios currently open from coast-to-coast in 20 states and British Columbia and a footprint goal of 450+ locations. Our beautiful small-footprint studios, 1,750 sq ft, our low-staffing model, 4-8 employees, our industry-leading Teacher Training program, and our variety of class formats set The Bar Method up for success.

    If you believe in the role fitness has on holistic wellbeing, if you believe you have a role in empowering women, and if you’re passionate about learning and running your own business, let’s continue the conversation. Let’s improve the self-esteem of the world by barre’ing together!


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